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Spring In Down East Maine

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Spring In Down East Maine

Spring is always very welcome after the long, cold winters in New England and we actually saw temps around 70 degrees one day recently here in Down East Maine, but the weather has turned bitter cold again with nights down in the 20s and 30s. Yesterday it snowed, enough to collect in some parts of Maine...
It's migration time for birds and some species of birds are already nesting. Others haven't arrived yet from their migration trips. Ospreys are on their nests, robins and some species of sparrows are nesting, phoebes arrived over the past couple of weeks and are singing everywhere you go. Yellow-bellied sapsuckers have arrived and I have seen quite a few hermit thrushes already. A couple mornings ago, I sat down on my outdoor photo stool, near the bird feeders and a little male ruby-throated hummingbird buzzed in to feed. He is the 1st one seen any where in this state this spring and arrived in time for more snow. Everyone is rooting for him.
Today when I went to town, I checked on the local osprey pair and found the Mrs. sitting quietly watching the sky. After a couple of minutes, I started my engine and in came Mr. Osprey, straight flight in and landed on top of the Mrs at which time copulation took place. During my morning walk, the birds were singing, happy to have the sun shining and looking for their mates while others were staking out their territories, woodpeckers hav been drumming hard and loud for weeks. One little wren sat high on top of a very tall pine and sang his little heart out, so loudly you could hear him everywhere. Many Canada geese are hanging out at a local pond on private property and haven't gone off to nest yet.
Spring is here for sure, but it will be nice to have some warmer weather...